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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Professional Landscaping

Both the inside and outside of your home is a representation of you and your family or your business as a whole. Whether you want to breathe new life into an old home’s landscaping or improve and maintain your property’s landscaping, hiring Formac Ltd. is a great choice. Our professional team has years of experience perfecting residential and commercial landscaping projects.

Our designs will meet your vision as they are professionally created by blending your dreams and needs with our real world experience. We at Formac Ltd. are landscapers offering St. John’s and the surrounding areas with expert services. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fences

  • Patios

  • Sheds

  • Retaining Walls 

  • Red Stones

  • Topsoil, Sod & Mulch

Contact us today to learn more about our services and set up a landscaping design consultation.

Fence Installation
Fences offer many benefits to your home, including:

  • Marking property lines – you and your neighbours will never have to worry about where leaves land again, making yard maintenance easier

  • Keeping pets in and pests out – pets will have a safe place to roam while pests will be held at bay outside your yard

  • Adding curb appeal and value – a beautiful stone, wrought iron or chain link fence will add aesthetic appeal to your home

Call Formac Ltd. today to learn about our commercial and residential fence installation services today.

Patio Services

During the warmer months, it’s great to entertain houseguests outside and to offer outdoor seating to your customers. What if your patio area is sub-par at best? Not to worry—Formac Ltd. can help. Our patio services include installing new patios and repairing downtrodden patios so that all friends and patrons can feel welcome at your home or business.

Shed Construction
No room in your garage to store your lawn mower and gardening tools? No problem! Call Formac Ltd. today and we can help you design and build a shed to match your home’s aesthetic and enhance your yard’s overall appearance.

Garden & Patio Retaining Walls
Match raw beauty with natural stone and distinguish your landscape from your neighbours’. Perfect for gardens, patios and porches, retaining walls built by Formac Ltd. are durable and beautiful, adding curb appeal and longevity to your home or business’ landscape.

Red Stones, Topsoil, Sod & Mulch
No landscaping project is complete without the right amount of crushed stone or topsoil. That’s why Formac Ltd. has a wide variety of products including red stones, topsoil, sod and mulch. These products will ensure your plants can happily grow while still enhancing the overall look of your project. Call 709-747-9224 to learn more.

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